Map additions – 14/03/2018

New maps added:

  • kz_11342 – Both servers
  • kz_cousucks – Both servers
  • kz_gallus – Both servers
  • kz_grate – Both servers
  • kz_grey – Both servers
  • bkz_fear4 – VIP only
  • kz_bhop_nothing_go – VIP only
  • kz_erratum – VIP only
  • kz_forgotten_fix – VIP only


A note about the VIP server:

If you are using the kztimer mode (use !mode to change modes) in GOKZ your time will be sent to the kztimer database and the gokz database, meaning you will still get points towards your kztimer rank. You will just have to join the kztimer server for it to all update. You can still run KZTimer there.